Bibliothèque « Entre les branches »

Edition Galerie Gosserez

Collective exhibition "Pygmalion"

Visiting a sawmill in Bourgogne, I was fascinated by the beauty of enormous wood blocks that dried in the open air. I wanted to use these "living" woods in their raw state, taking into account their massive aspect, and accepting, or even magnifying the variations due to their aging : shrinkage, cracks, deformations, etc.

The piece of wood is the base of the library on which are fixed black metal shelves. The simple lines of the shelves suggest tree branches graft on a tree trunk.

I was also interested in the "voids" that arose between these lines: like a set of Chinese shadows, they give rise to an immaterial volume, certainly, but visible, which invites us to look at the object and through the object.

Four pieces were cut in a single tree trunk for create four librairies. Designed in the same matrix, each piece is unique as the wood who evolve with the time. The grip of nature on the object is something that attracts me; I am thinking in particular of the work of Giuseppe Penone "I grabbed a tree, it continues its growth emphasizes this point", to the violence of this bronze hand "rooted" in the trunk. The tree succeeds in living with this appendix, memory of the passage of the man on the nature.

The library is ultimately conceived as a sculpture, it can be placed in the center of a room and apprehended from different angles.

©  photographie Julie Pfligersdorffer