Lampe « Nour »

Édition Galerie Gosserez

Luminaire exposé au Design Days Dubai et à la London Design week en 2014
Verre opale soufflé, acier laqué

Nour, in Arabic, means light.
At the origin of the project, was born the idea of a suspended cage in which would be captured a bubble of light.

The round cage is composed of 80 steel wires welded at the ends by metal rings. The upper part of the cage receives a rod which makes it possible to suspend it and the lower part receives the glass and the electrical equipment of the lamp.

The bubble, made of glass, is blown inside the cage to take its shape. Starting at the base of the cage, the glass seems to have grown inside its matrix and stopped in the course of its development, frozen at a precise moment. The bubble scarcely touches the metal hoops and seems to float as if levitating in its envelope oscillating between strength and fragility.

The cage and the glass bubble, welded to each other, form a single piece.


©  photographie Jérôme Galland